Recreational cycling in the Netherlands – 2

A tour in the countryside on a Saturday. Recreational cycling is very popular in the Netherlands. There is an elaborate system of “cycle junctions”. The “cycle junctions” are numbered. From each numbered junction you can ride to the next by following the signs. At each junction there is a map of that area so you can even cycle tours without having your own map at hand.

This tour in the South of the Netherlands (Brabant) starts in Vught. From there it goes to the sand dunes “Loonse en Drunense Duinen”, the hamlet Giersbergen, passing some lakes and the “Camp Vught National Memorial” (former SS-Concentration Camp).  Also shown are two “cycle cafés” and a public “bicycle tool box”.

The landscape of Brabant in the South of the Netherlands differs from that of Holland in the West of the Netherlands. There are more pine and birch woods on the sandy soil and less cows and meadows. But the latter are never really absent in this country.

Recreational cycling south-west of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Vught region.

One thought on “Recreational cycling in the Netherlands – 2

  1. Just another fine video, great to watch on a rainy day. It really calms me down, thanks Mark.

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