New bicycle tunnel ’s-Hertogenbosch

A bicycle tunnel in the Netherlands. Six weeks after the open day it was finished on the final work day before the builder’s summer holidays. A lot of details need to be finished when the builders return, but it was safe enough to be used and all the detour-signs are now directing cyclists through the tunnel.

New bicycle tunnel ‘s-Hertogenbosch

4 thoughts on “New bicycle tunnel ’s-Hertogenbosch

  1. Do you have the dimensions and schematics, that would be a nice thing to have if the city or yourself made them.

  2. What is the purpose of the huge grey rectangular concrete plinths on the footpath, seen on the way down into the tunnel? Are they just piles of blocks that have not yet been removed?

    1. Those are leftover piles of the paving tiles, waiting to be collected. Clearly it all wasn’t finished at the time, no striping yet and still some posts with arning signals along the path.

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