All about cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling and big intersections in the Netherlands

In Dutch cycle infrastructure major intersections were created in different ways in the past. First we see a major intersection from the 1960s in Utrecht. Two roads with 2×2 lanes … Continue reading

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Cycling Amsterdamsestraatweg Utrecht

Good cycling infrastructure is also possible in old streets. This street in Utrecht (Netherlands) was designed by Napoleon when the Netherlands were part of the French Empire in 1812. It … Continue reading

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Cycling in Kortrijk (Courtrai; Belgium); an impression

People cycle more in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium) than in Wallonia (the French speaking part). And it shows! In the town of Kortrijk in the South of … Continue reading

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Cycling in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium and the Netherlands share a border, a language and a history. Yet in cycling they could not be further apart. Cycling in Brussels from a Dutch perspective seems to … Continue reading

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