Big Commute in Summer; combining modes

The Summer version of the 50k commute on foot, by train and by bicycle in the Netherlands. Includes a good look in the inside of a huge indoor bicycle parking place at Utrecht Central Station.

Longer distance commuting by bicycle is perceived impossible by many. Not so for the Dutch. A combination of public transport and a bicycle is easy and very common in the Netherlands.

That there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands is in part due to commuters who have bicycles in more than one city: the city they live in and the city they work in. The distance between the two cities is bridged by public transport, mostly train.

The distance covered in this video is about 50 kilometers (31 miles) one way. It takes less than an hour and that is about twice as fast than it would take by car for this particular route.

This Summer version puts more emphasis on the cycling part than the Winter version.

Summer commute combining modes

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