Cycle Bridge in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

A huge cycle bridge over the river Waal (main flow of the river Rhine) that was built next to and attached to an existing rail road bridge in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The ramps are so long that (cycle) escalators provide a short cut.

Cycle bridge Nijmegen

2 thoughts on “Cycle Bridge in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

  1. This is absolutely amazing – I have never seen cyclists encouraged to use escalators before. It would never pass the safety audit in the UK – we are just so risk averse!. The size of the bridge is very impressive – any idea how much it cost?

  2. Very interesting. The long ramp looks quite high. How does it look from the ground? I am glad you included pictures of the bridge from the ground. At 4:19 it is possible to see how the cycle track was added on to the bridge. Thank you.

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