Dutch Bikes in Vancouver 2010

The Dutch OV-Fiets, the “public transport bicycle” is a very successful system of rental bikes. They shipped 400 of their bikes to the Olympic Village in Vancouver. The bikes are meant for the Dutch athletes to use as a means of transport. Just like they would at home.

Almost 600 people in Richmond showed up for a testride. A lot of the people had Dutch roots as many Dutch emigrated to Canada in the past.

The Dutch Prime Minister came to hand over the bikes officially. When he made a test ride too, he forgot one important difference to using your bike in the Netherlands: in Vancouver bicycle helmets are mandatory!

Public Transport bicycles for the Olympics in Vancouver (Canada)

One thought on “Dutch Bikes in Vancouver 2010

  1. Ok helmets are required in Vancouver, but nobody said that high viz jackets are required. And hundreds of bright yellow and blue bicycles riding in a big mass are not easy to miss I’d imagine. And on Vancouver’s new cycle infrastructure, which now includes protected junctions like how you covered traffic light controlled junctions, helmets are often absent from people’s heads, and there are so many cyclists using that protected junction that the police could never stop all of the people flauting the helmet law. And don’t worry Mark, if you ever visit Vancouver again, I won’t report you for not wearing a helmet 😉

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