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Separated cycle path next to dual carriageway

A separated cycle path next to a dual carriage road in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (a.k.a. Den Bosch). You can very clearly see how the (turning) drivers interact with the cyclists at the junction. The speed limit for motorized traffic is 50kph (30mph). Note how cars entering the dual carriage way road have room to wait for the bikes and the other cars in different places. They can let bicycles pass first and then wait for other cars after that, closer to the road they are about to enter.

Filmed on a Friday afternoon so most cyclists are school children.

Two way separated cycle track next to dual carriageway road.

See this in Google Street View.

One comment on “Separated cycle path next to dual carriageway

  1. Eugene Balfour
    30 June 2018

    What happens if a long vehicle (like a van) gets stuck waiting for cyclists and partially blocks a lane of traffic.

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