All about cycling in the Netherlands

Afternoon Cycling in Utrecht (Netherlands)

From the other videos some people seem to have gotten the impression that there are no cars nor children in Utrecht. But of course they are both there. It is … Continue reading

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Cycling in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Another look into the cycling ‘culture’ of the Netherlands. A cold May Monday afternoon in Utrecht. Not very busy, but all sorts of people pass on bicycles and some on … Continue reading

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Weekend Cycling in the Netherlands

One of the first weekends of 2010 with lovely weather brought out all the cyclists in the Netherlands. Young, old, racers, whole families, groups of friends and grandparents with grandchildren. … Continue reading

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Bicycle Parking – 800 meters of cycle racks in Utrecht (Netherlands)

It is known the Dutch are world champions in utility cycling. That they combine public transport with cycling is lesser known. What it leads to can be seen in this … Continue reading

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Cycling in the rain of the Netherlands

The Dutch say: ‘You are not made of sugar, you won’t melt in the rain!’. When you cycle for utility reasons the weather is of lesser importance. If you go … Continue reading

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Giro d’Italia 2010 in Utrecht (Netherlands)

The Giro d’Italia came to Utrecht on 9th May 2010. The second stage went from Amsterdam to Utrecht. It was great fun. Some impressions. Giro d’Italia in Utrecht

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