Bicycle Parking – 800 meters of cycle racks in Utrecht (Netherlands)

It is known the Dutch are world champions in utility cycling. That they combine public transport with cycling is lesser known. What it leads to can be seen in this video. Thousands of parked bicycles at the city’s main station.

Utrecht has the Netherlands’ biggest railway station. Next to this railway station we find the light rail and bus stations. Many commuters park their bikes near one of these three stations and continue to work in other cities. They have a street of 800 meters (half a mile) full of bike racks (mostly 4 rows of them) at their disposal. And we don’t even see the numerous indoor bike parking facilities both above and underground.

A lot of commuters also arrive by public transport and continue by bicycle to their workplace in Utrecht. The bicycles of the latter group of commuters is parked over night and will not be visible in this video.

800 meters of bicycle parking racks in Utrecht

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