Bicycle Policy ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

The city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch articulated a new “cycle ambition” in 2009. The bicycle policy for the city is a long term plan to update cycle infrastructure (for both riding and parking) and for promoting cycling. Building for the new plan is already taking place. The city wants to become a real cycle city. The modal share of 33% in 2009 was far more than what other cities in the world have (Copenhagen barely reaches 25%) but it is just average in the Netherlands. ‘s-Hertogenbosch has the ambition to call itself a cycle city but wants to do so only when the modal share of cycling of all journeys in the city reaches 44%.

The full plan (in Dutch) can be downloaded as pdf.

The first results and some background information of the new bicycle policy are shown in this video.

New bicycle policy for ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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