All about cycling in the Netherlands

When drivers stop and open windows

In other countries it usually doesn’t mean a lot of good when a driver stops for a cyclist, lowers his window and starts ‘a conversation’. But this is the Netherlands. … Continue reading

28 February 2011 · 1 Comment

The importance of direct cycle routes

One of my readers drew our attention to a video that shows a cycle route in Rijswijk which is in effect a suburb of The Hague. It shows a road … Continue reading

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Round the clock cycling in the Netherlands

“The Dutch make over 1 million cycle trips every hour”. All the latest (2011) figures of the Dutch Cyclist’s Union in one video. These figures show that the scale of … Continue reading

17 February 2011 · 1 Comment

Inter-city cycling Geldermalsen – Culemborg (Netherlands)

Late 2010 there were reports that the Netherlands is building 16 fast inter-city cycle routes. So what do the already existing bicycle routes between cities and towns look like? This … Continue reading

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Amsterdam cyclists 1970s

If you think cycling has always been normal in the Netherlands, think again. Cycling was at an all time low in the 1970s and that becomes very clear from these … Continue reading

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Cycling Amsterdamsestraatweg (again), Utrecht (Netherlands)

Riding a bicycle from the edge of the city of Utrecht to the center on the former road from Amsterdam to Utrecht. Because this was filmed on one of the … Continue reading

2 February 2011 · 1 Comment

When cyclists matter

In the Netherlands cyclists are not only protected by Dutch law but they also matter in the eyes of the general public. The reaction to a road incident in ‘s-Hertogenbosch … Continue reading

1 February 2011 · 1 Comment