Cycling Amsterdamsestraatweg (again), Utrecht (Netherlands)

Riding a bicycle from the edge of the city of Utrecht to the center on the former road from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

Because this was filmed on one of the grayest days of the year it makes this street look uglier than it really is. It runs through one of the most ethnically divers areas of the city and it has a cycle path that is generally very good. Especially once it gets smooth red asphalt. Even though this street into the center has countless side streets, the protected priority cycle track makes it very safe for a cyclist. This road is not part of the main cycle network but since it is a very quick route into the city, on average 13,970 cyclists still use this street every day. (Counted on a location closest to the center.)

Cycling Amsterdamsestraatweg into the Utrecht city center.

The modern road from Amsterdam to Utrecht is a 10 lane motorway.

An earlier video about this street can be found here, that video shows the street from the other direction.

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