All about cycling in the Netherlands

A secondary cycling route in Utrecht

Sometimes people think we only show major roads outside the cities’ built up area which makes it ‘logic’ that there is room for wide good quality cycle paths. But people … Continue reading

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Maastunnel Rotterdam

The oldest traffic tunnel in the Netherlands can be found in Rotterdam. It connects the two banks of the River ‘Nieuwe Maas’ (New Meuse). The first talks of creating a … Continue reading

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Rotterdam remedies a lower cycling rate

Rotterdam in the province of South-Holland, is the second largest city in the Netherlands. It is best known for its important port, the busiest in Europe. The cycling rate, although … Continue reading

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Rotterdam cyclists

Most of the Netherlands’ highest buildings can be found in Rotterdam and no other Dutch city has so many 4 lane streets right through the center. Foreigners report Rotterdam is … Continue reading

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Bike share the Dutch way

On the “bike sharing world map” there is one strikingly blank country. You guessed it: the Netherlands. You could think that in a country of 16 million who possess 18 … Continue reading

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A Carnival of Cyclists

Originally a sharp religious division ran diagonally through the Netherlands. South-east of it lived Catholics and north and north-west of it lived Protestants. Nowadays almost 43% of the Dutch are … Continue reading

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