All about cycling in the Netherlands

How wide is a Dutch cycle path?

Surprisingly Dutch law doesn’t state how wide a bicycle path should be. But even though there aren’t any legal requirements there are some very strong recommendations. One of these recommendations … Continue reading

30 June 2011 · 5 Comments

When the shops close on a Saturday

Dutch shopping habits are often frowned upon by foreigners. Shops close early (6pm on working days) or are even closed all day (on Sundays). This means that most working people … Continue reading

23 June 2011 · Leave a comment

Massive number of train passengers take the OV-fiets

The popularity of the OV-Fiets (Public Transport bicycle) knows no boundaries. I have written before about this nationwide shared bicycle rental system of the Netherlands’ Railways. It made headlines again … Continue reading

16 June 2011 · 3 Comments

Let’s cycle to the beach

Thousands of people took their bicycles and went to the beaches last weekend in the Netherlands. For many it was a long weekend starting with Ascension day on Thursday. The … Continue reading

9 June 2011 · Leave a comment

Rolling out a red carpet for cyclists

The red of the cycle paths and lanes in the Netherlands is really standing out. It makes clear where the realm of the motorists stops and that of cyclists starts. … Continue reading

2 June 2011 · 6 Comments