All about cycling in the Netherlands

Lycra in the streets of the Netherlands

There is an interesting difference between English and Dutch when it comes to cycling. As many of my readers may know the Dutch word for bicycle is fiets. (Which is … Continue reading

28 May 2012 · 26 Comments

Dutch service streets and cycling

In Dutch road design a street can either be a through street or a street with so-called “end destinations” (homes, businesses) but not both. This way of thinking about mono-purpuse … Continue reading

21 May 2012 · 18 Comments

Cycle Highway Vlijmen – ’s-Hertogenbosch

The old road from Vlijmen to ‘s-Hertogenbosch has been upgraded as a cycle road. The road had become obsolete for motorised traffic when in 1978 a motorway was opened. The … Continue reading

14 May 2012 · 10 Comments

No Copenhagen, that’s not good enough

Copenhagen opened the first ‘Cycle Superhighway’ with a lot of hype last month. I was really looking forward to seeing proper images of it. But I didn’t find any. I … Continue reading

8 May 2012 · 21 Comments

Queen’s Day Cycling

It has been a festive week in the Netherlands: we flew our national flag three times this week on three very different national holidays. Half-mast on the most solemn day; … Continue reading

7 May 2012 · 2 Comments