Putting a shirt on while riding a bike

The Dutch are known for doing just about anything while they ride their bikes. Talking in their mobile phones or even texting can be seen a lot. But this is different!

It was the hottest day of the year so far, Saturday 18th of August, and after a day at the city beach a guy suddenly realizes that he is still bare chested and town is approaching. It seems only appropriate to put on a shirt. Stopping to do that would of course be the intelligent thing to do, but that is not an option for this guy. He puts on his shirt while he is riding his bike. It is helpful that there is no other traffic than bicycles on this cycle path, and he must have been riding a bike all his life, but still, it really is not the smartest thing to do… so don’t try this at home people!

With temperatures of 34 degrees celsius (or 93.2F) many Dutch cycled to the beach. This guy forgot to put his shirt back on, but that wasn’t a problem…

Notice how he takes off his sun glasses to put on the shirt, and how he uses the handle bars to hold his back pack. Now if only that left arm would’ve slipped in earlier it would have been particularly well done. But you can’t have it all. At least in the end the backpack gets back where it belongs, so do the sun glasses and after a quick hair check he is ready to enter town!

As one of the YouTube commenters points out: it would’ve been quicker and safer to have stopped to do this. But cycling in the Netherlands is so relaxed and safe that he never even thought about doing that. This was probably just a spontaneous action.

7 thoughts on “Putting a shirt on while riding a bike

  1. I’ve put on a helmet before while cycling. I’ve even taken one off, put a tuque on, put the helmet overtop, adjust the straps, ad re clicked the fastener, without stopping or going under 10 km/h before. I made sure to do that on a path where there wasn’t going to be a chance of motor traffic nor crossings. Not that I enjoy the helmet, it’s just required by law.

  2. Not sure if I might have contributed to this sort of thing in Rotterdam yesterday, when I rode along a long stretch of bike path without any places where you must stop whilst pulling a wheeled suitcase. Would have been too wobbly in any other situation for me, especially with the wind. This idea had not occurred to my Couchsurfing host.

    Also, I swear that a tourist took a photo of me riding past Kinderdijk, and people seemed to fall for my attempts at speaking Dutch in shops etc. Sometimes they started speaking English but I managed to recover the situation. Perhaps I visit a little too often…

  3. This is nothing special, is it? What’s so special about this?
    (I often remove a shirt when cycling home)



    1. Not to anyone Dutch it isn’t… but see the comments on YouTube… it IS very special outside the Netherlands and indeed probably not a smart thing to do anywhere else.

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