Summer cycling time-lapse

After last week’s highly popular “Eindhoven” post (updated yesterday) that is still making the rounds on the internet and last Monday’s follow-up story about the ’s-Hertogenbosch civil servants cycling to London and back, this week’s regular Thursday post is only a video; so we can all catch our breath.

Although Summer officially lasts until 21 September, at the end of August it always feels like Summer is coming to an end. The Summer of 2012 was a strange one in the Netherlands. Very wet and with very cold but also extremely hot days. The weekend of 18 and 19 August was the hottest weekend since 1976. That weekend I filmed people cycling in the late afternoon on the cycle road from the ’s-Hertogenbosch city beach. Apparently hundreds of people spent the hottest days in decades on one of the lake beaches that the city offers. This particular beach can only be reached by bicycle, so we see a lot of people going there or coming back. It is a time-lapse, twenty minutes in two, but even at this high speed it still looks relaxed.

Relaxed cycling to and from the beach in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

I’ve shown you the beach and the cycle road to reach it twice before. In this 2011 blog post and before that in one of my first videos in 2009.

With temperatures of 34C and 37C on Saturday and Sunday respectively, this weekend was the hottest weekend since 1976 in the Netherlands. (93.2F and 98.6F).

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