Royal Gazelle bicycle factory

Royal Gazelle is the only Dutch bicycle factory that may add the designation ‘Royal’ to its name. Exactly one week before the inauguration of the new King of the Netherlands, Dutch TV broadcast a short item about the ‘Royal Gazelle’ bicycle factory and its honorary Royal title.

Short item about the Dutch bicycle factory Royal Gazelle.

The special edition “King” bike with golden details, even the spokes are golden!

From the website of Royal Gazelle:

Gazelle is the only Dutch bicycle brand that received the Royal Seal of Approval. In 1992 Gazelle was awarded this special honour by Princess Margriet. The Royal title is a distinction which can be awarded to associations, foundations, establishments or large enterprises.
It symbolises the respect, recognition and trust of the Queen in the beneficiary. Only the Queen can award the title. The designation is strictly by title and means that the organisation may add ‘Royal’ to its name and include the Royal Crown in the logo.
In order to be eligible an organisation must meet the following criteria:

  •     it must have been incorporated for a minimum of one hundred years;
  •     be influential in its field;
  •     demonstrably stable and enjoy a good financial reputation;
  •     not be part of a larger concern that already has the “Royal” distinction;
  •     be known as a Dutch company.
HRH Princess Margriet (sister of Queen Beatrix) did the final assembly of the 14th million bicycle Royal Gazelle produced, in December 2012, when the company celebrated its 120th anniversary.

11 thoughts on “Royal Gazelle bicycle factory

  1. We currently have three Gazelles, although they are numbers 6,7 and 8 for us. After my folly of a 2012 Orange City Lite, with composite stays and forks, and ridiculous wheels, I have learned my lesson and shall avoid the gimmicky models. My lady Raven’s latest is a pedelec, and we are so impressed I quite fancy one myself. We are marooned in Northern England at the moment, and we stand out like a sore thumb! Soon we shall be Dutchifying Ljubljana instead!

  2. And odd thing with the vintage footage of the factory. It would have been shot in a 3:4 aspect ratio so should have been pillar boxed but instead strangely they letterboxed it squishing it vertically.

  3. The funny thing is, that the company’s conduct is expected to be irreproachable, whereas the royal family can’t be said to live up to that requirement. Gazelle is a great company as are their bikes, they really don’t need this royal seal of approval.

  4. We’ve had a long succession of Gazelle bikes in our family. Currently we have a Gazelle Orange as a city bike and a Medeo as a touring bike. Both excellent for their respective purposes.

    They are still relatively expensive in Australia, but people recognise the quality and durability so they are catching on there too.

  5. Maybe Royal Gazelle should ask the new Royal Highness to proclaim that the wearing and the promotion of bicycling helmets is un-Dutch and should stop immediately, and that if it doesn’t then he will take the Royal designation away from Royal Dutch Shell and anybody else who continues with this despicable behaviour.

    1. You are refering to yesterday’s news about a Dutch organisation that demanded MHL for the over 55s. In that regard, you’ll be pleased to know -as I was- that this “news” was presented as a tiny article on the bottom of page 10 in the morning paper I just saw. The Dutch are not impressed!
      And on topic. The king to be has announced he will continue the policies of his mother regarding these royal designations, So maybe he could revoke one or two 😉

    2. Don’t you know the family is supposed to be major stake-holder in Shell, a company that is not in the business of bike-helmets?

  6. excellent 🙂 after I bought my ‘Cabby’, it was like a realization. such an awesome bike. I went and bought another Gazelle commuter. If you don’t own a Gazelle, you don’t own a real bike! 🙂

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