Happy Valentine’s Day

Just a little video to wish all those who like to hear it a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

And this was the Twitter Valentine’s Wish of the Dutch Embassy in Australia: Great!


10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Your post and the comments remind me of a Dutch movie from the seventees with this one scene in it of a just married couple on a fiets.

  2. The best bikerides of my life were with a girlfriend sideways on the rack, her arm around my waist and her cheek against my back……

  3. I wonder if anyone’s ever seen a Dutch man carrying a girl in the front of a bakfiets. Not like a dad and a toddler, a full grown couple. At least the Dutch can have relationships with those they please, and not get beaned by some protester in the South US.

    I wonder when the first girl I’ll find that I’d want to date will be in my eyes. Maybe for the first Valentines day she should get a box of chocolates, that I would cycle around to get. I’m making a joke, but I’d probably do that.

    1. I’ve never seen an adult in the box of a bakfiets no. Remember we’re a country with more bikes than people, so there is almost never a need for that! That adult can ride him/herself 🙂

        1. It does, but be aware that is not always the boy carrying the girl. It’s customary to let the owner of the bike do the cycling.

      1. Maybe the same mentality when a couple is paying for food at a nice dinner. Both pay for their own part of the bill.

        I was kind of thinking that because a marriage custom is to carry the bride over the doorframe into the new home. If you can carry someone in your arms, why not a bakfiets? Perhaps the situation changes 9 months later.

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