Going for a swim

The nearest swimming pool from my home where I can do some exercise is in Vught, an easy bike ride away. I have shown the ride back in the dark 5 years ago. This week, I’ll show you how to get there in summer when it is still light outside. Another example of a “real ride”.

The 30km/h zone in ʼs-Hertogenbosch has a counterflow on-street cycle lane. The street is one-way for motorised traffic.
Exceptional in this ride, the 100 metres of bidirectional cycleway. The tiles were chosen to indicate that this is but a temporary solution. When the area will be redesigned the permanent cycleway will get red asphalt as is standard in ʼs-Hertogenbosch.

There is a swimming pool in ʼs-Hertogenbosch, but at the times that I could visit it there is always “recreational swimming” and if you just want to cycle straight laps that is not the best time for a visit. It will be noisy, everybody will swim criss-cross in the pool and children will jump on you… So, when I go for a swim it is in Vught, a 5.1 kilometre long ride from my home.

Most of the cycle infrastructure in this ride is of this type: a unidirectional cycleway on either side of the road.
Another exceptional stretch in this ride. A 150 metre long on-street cycle lane in Taalstraat in Vught. The municipality had plans for a protected cycleway here but the residents rather kept the trees. The municipality respected that choice.

As you can see on the map the route is pretty straight forward. It has two main types of infrastructure. At the beginning and end there are traffic calmed 30km/h zones (18mph). In between those zones there is a separated one-way cycle path next to the busier parts of the route. An exceptional part in this particular route is a very short stretch of 150 metres of on-street cycling on a 50km/h street. That is a street with big trees in Vught. The council wanted to create separate cycleways in this street, but the residents choose to keep the trees and the council respected that choice, fortunately it is only a short stretch of road. Of the 2.6km of protected cycleways just 110 metres are bi-directional, which is also exceptional nowadays as there are more and more bi-directional cycleways.

The 30km/h zone in Vught.
My route from the centre of ʼs-Hertogenbosch to the swimming pool in Vught (I rotated the map; north is to the right).

A breakdown of the entire route.

  • Protected cycle path: 2.6 km (of which 100 metres bi-directional)
  • 30 km/h (18mph) zones: 2.35 km
  • On-street “cycle” lane: 150 metres (actually it is only an advisory lane)

Enjoy the ride!

A summer evening ride from ʼs-Hertogenbosch to the pool in Vught.

This is the first of three posts that will be published during my holidays. They are therefore a bit shorter than usual.

9 thoughts on “Going for a swim

  1. I love the soundscape of this video, it clearly presents why cycling is so good in the Netherlands. You can even hear birds singing (first minute and also at 9.06)

  2. Very enjoyable ride. Interesting customized entranceway at :33. Cut into the sidewalk and the street.

    1. I am not sure about the exact situation there. But in general these features indicate historical locations of fortifications, gates, churches, or similar. So (considering the symmetry) it might be something like that.

  3. “…as there are more and more bi-directional cycleways.”

    This surprises me. The impression I’ve had is that NL are quite stingy with bi-directional and only use them only when there are few or no entrances to a roadway and otherwise use uni-directional on each side.

  4. Nice ride . i’m from Quebec/Canada , unfortunately , we don’t have what you have where you are . yes we have some cycle paths but never like your paths .. sorry for the bad english .

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