Ride Ypenburg – The Hague Central Station

This is the first of nine extra posts with rides that I will be publishing every Monday in October and November 2020. I filmed most of these rides cycling to or from locations I needed to visit for other blog posts, so they are mostly connected to another blog post. This first ride is from Ypenburg (a sub-urb of The Hague) to the central station in The Hague. I filmed this on 13 August 2020, the day I made a portrait of the Jan Linzel viaduct. Some people asked me to show how the new viaduct was connected to the main network north-west of it. This video shows exactly that new cycle path passing Drievliet family park and the connection to the Westvlietweg, which -at the time of filming- was still a temporary crossing. These posts will not be very elaborate. I will just show a few pictures, a map of the ride and the video.

Start of this ride in Ypenburg (The Hague).
The route includes crossing the A4/E30 motorway on the Jan Linzelviaduct I wrote a blog post about.
This is a brand new cycleway passing Drievliet Family Park (left of this cycleway) to get to the north.
The route I chose took me through Voorburg, where the cycleways are of a different quality. Still okay, but not so modern as the parts of this particular route in The Hague.
A cycleway in Voorburg. Still with tiles. The parts in The Hague all have a smooth surface of red asphalt.
The Hague has been updating a lot of their cycling network. This is a perfect bi-directional cycleway in a (former) industrial area of the city.
I have shown the last few kilometres of this ride before, in the dark, when I cycled from Delft to the central station in The Hague. This diagonal crossing is always a bit unpleasant with all the tram tracks. It isn’t much better in daylight than it was in the dark.
For this ride I rented an OV-Fiets (shared bicycle) in the brand new bicycle parking garage at The Hague Central Station. I showed what the garage looked like days before it was opened.

The map of the ride from The Hague Ypenburg to The Hague Central Station.

The video with the ride from The Hague Ypenburg to The Hague Central Station.

One thought on “Ride Ypenburg – The Hague Central Station

  1. Keep up the great work, Mark. Another inspirational video. I dream of the day when our infrastructure could be one-tenth as good as yours. I try to nudge our local authority in the right direction, but they are mostly wedded to their cars, and employ road planners who don’t cycle. It is an uphill struggle!

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