Ride on the Greenport Bikeway

For ride number seven of nine I cycled the Greenport Bikeway again. This was the first fast cycle route to be opened in the province of Limburg in 2015. I decided to take a full day outing, the day I went to the bridge in my last post. I cycled the entire length of this fast cycle route before I filmed the bridge.

The Greenport Bikeway is a fast cycle route that all sorts of people use for all sorts of reasons. Many use it to get to work and school and many others use it for recreation.
The smaller sign next to the path mentions the name “Greenport Bikeway” (in the earlier post you can see that this name used to be stencilled on the surface). The tall signs give both end destinations, Venlo and the railway station Horst-Sevenum, and mention the number F167.

The Greenport Bikeway is now also known as the F167, at least that is what a bunch of new signs told me. There were some other things that had changed since I was here in 2015. At the time there had been a strange detour through a field near the crossing with Grubbenvorsterweg because some land had not been acquired yet. That temporary detour was one of the very few parts of the route to have black asphalt. The route was straightened out now and the temporary asphalt was removed. You could only see in the sand where the detour had been. More change is underway. Earlier this year newspapers reported that the Greenport Bikeway is to be expanded all the way to America. Yes, you read that right. I already cycled from the current end of the route to the new end-destination America. Which is in fact the name of the next village or a distance of about 5 kilometres. I went there now to film the before situation so I can make a before-and-after video after that extension has been finished.

In this post some more pictures of the Greenport Bikeway in 2020 with some further explanation and of course the video with the full 32 minute ride in real-time. Enjoy!

The route is very straight. You couldn’t find a more direct route between the beginning and end point. I was very lucky. It was very windy the day that I filmed but the wind was from the south-west, exactly perpendicular to the route and it didn’t bother me on the way out nor on the way back. In the Netherlands it would usually blow in your face twice! I added the green dot at the location of the bridge in my last post. Which officially is in Venlo but which is in fact further away from the beginning of this route than the end!
The detour in 2015 went north to reach the Grubbenvorsterweg and then south-west again to get back to the railway line. This was a very inconvenient detour, but only due to the extra distance. The detour itself was a perfectly smooth black asphalt cycleway in the field.
In 2020 the strange detour has completely vanished. The route is now as straight as it was planned in the first place. You now only cross the Grubbenvorsterweg.
The intersection of Grubbenvorsterweg near the railway in 2015. There was no cycleway next to the railway on the other side of the road at that time.
The same intersection in 2020. Now there is a crossing connecting to the cycleway next to the railway. The road is narrowed to one lane for motor traffic in both directions. That means all vehicles have to slow down to negotiate the right of way between vehicles. In doing that they will have slowed down so much that the crossing for cycling also becomes safer. Cycling does not have priority here, but the crossing is made very easy thanks to this design.
For a detour this part of the cycle route was not bad at all. From 2015 to about 2018 this was the only way to get to the rest of the fast cycle route. A temporary detour through the field, but wide enough and with a perfectly smooth asphalt surface.
The red cycleway continues straight-on now. The former black asphalt cycleway is now that strip of sand on the right hand side of the picture.
The Greenport Bikeway is also used for recreational cycling and for racing cyclists in training. Some people fit in a category right in between those two.

This week’s video shows the ride on the Greenport Bikeway in 2020. Date of filming Wednesday 26 August 2020.

Map of the Greenport Bikeway

Of course you need proof that I really cycled to America! Here I am with the place name sign.

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