Extra post: A ride in Amsterdam

In 2022, I was only going to publish a post on the first and third Wednesday of every month. That usually amounts to one post every other week, but not when a month has 5 Wednesdays, such as this month of March. You may know me by now… that means I will just post an extra ride. Before my open heart surgery I had filmed quite a number of rides to bridge the period that I cannot ride. As you may know, my operation took place on 14 March and everything is going very well. I will be able to ride my bicycle again from 25 April if all remains to go so well.

The 7.7km long ride for this post was filmed on the sunny afternoon of Friday 28 January 2022. I had filmed the Nescio Bridge (for a later post) and this is the ride back to the city centre. I took a very easy route, just one turn at the Amstel River, simply because I don’t know this part of Amsterdam too well. This is not a route a local would take, because there are more direct routes to the centre, but that does not really matter. All I wanted to do is show different types of infrastructure and you can see more than enough of those in this ride. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Extra post: A ride in Amsterdam

  1. Hope you are recovering well. I enjoy your videos and I’m paying my first visit to the Netherlands in September. I hope to have a chance to enjoy the cycle paths.

  2. Great! Thanks fo you sharing. The infrastructure on this road is nice and modern. I also love to explore and run on new roads, with few people. I want to see the surrounding scenery, the nature and the infrastructure as well. I hope you have a successful surgery and rest well to prepare for your return on April 25th.

  3. Hello Mark!

    I am glad that the heart surgery went so well and wish you a good recovery. Thank you for your valuable work, you are a great ambassador for Dutch cycling infrastructure around the world. The Dutch government should give you a medal for explaining the Dutch transport infrastructure in such an educational way. 🙂 All other governments around the world should also give you credit for providing valuable suggestions and inspiration on how they can create good conditions for cyclists and pedestrians in their own countries.

    I wish you a full recovery and that we can watch many more of your very educational and entertaining films.

    Best regards
    Norbert from Germany

  4. Please accept my thanks for your wonderful blog. It is an inspiration to myself and many other members of Cycle Toronto. When people ask “what are you working for?” we can point to your videos as examples of the infrastructure for which we advocate.

    I am praying for your full recovery to health, that you may continue to provide to the world examples of cities that are for people, not cars.

  5. I am so glad that you are recovering.

    Sometimes I take a different route to a familiar destination simply to see what’s along that route, whether it’s infrastructure, architecture, natural beauty or anything else.

  6. Nice ride and good luck with revalidation, take your time (experiencing that it takes longer than wished for)

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