Extra Post: Relaxed cycling on a Saturday afternoon

June is again a month with five Wednesdays. That would mean you’d have to wait three weeks for a new post, because I publish only on the first and third Wednesday of the month in 2022. To fill that longer gap I have this extra post for you. Again, filmed at the ʼs-Hertogenbosch main cycle route, which runs from north to south through the city. My previous post showed a ride on the entire route, in this post you can watch people passing by at one point on that same route.

People of all ages cycle on this main cycle route. These four children cycled unaccompanied by an adult. That is completely normal in the Netherlands.

I let the camera film for almost half an hour, but instead of speeding the images up I decided to cut out the time that nobody passes. To make that clear I let the people appear into the images and then disappear again. This way it became a bit more interesting.

The bi-directional cycleway is wide enough for people to cycle side-by-side. In the foreground an entire family on two bicycles.
I filmed for half an hour and cut it back to 5 minutes, because sometimes this empty path was also the sight in that half hour.
This week’s extra video: people passing by on their bicycles on a relaxed Saturday afternoon in June 2022.

4 thoughts on “Extra Post: Relaxed cycling on a Saturday afternoon

  1. I honestly can’t comment on this video, yet, because we haven’t been able to watch it yet, but I will say, my wife and I do love watching your videos regardless of their length. In fact, we watch them twice because of our enjoyment of them.

    We hope you are recovering well.

  2. Indeed, that is quite interesting approach when video is shortened by ghosting.
    Pleasent to the eye.

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