Bike share the Dutch way

On the “bike sharing world map” there is one strikingly blank country. You guessed it: the Netherlands. You could think that in a country of 16 million who possess 18 million bikes there would be no need for sharing bikes. But that would be wrong: the Dutch do share bikes and on a large scale. Since 2007 when Paris first started (after the example of Lyon), every self-respecting modern city seems to have bike share. Milan, Brussels, Bogota, London, Melbourne: some 200 cities worldwide. It is interesting that most of these schemes call itself ‘free’. Yes, the first half hour … Continue reading Bike share the Dutch way

New beginnings; new bikes and cycle experiences

First of all, I would like to wish you a very happy new year, at this beginning of 2013! In this first blog post of the year I’d also like to share some other ‘new beginnings’ with you. I recently browsed through the slides collection of my parents and then some photo albums. The slides were great. Not only because even the ones from the sixties are already in colour, but also because I hadn’t seen those slides for about 25 years. My mother recently got a device to make them digital. Which means I can share some that have … Continue reading New beginnings; new bikes and cycle experiences

State of the Art Bikeway Design – A further look

See also the 2014 post that sums up Dutch Junction Design Last month I wrote about the new NACTO designs for cycle infrastructure and held the junction design against Dutch junction design. The video that went with the post was taken out of the context of this blog and discussed on forums and other blogs. Without the context some people completely misunderstood it. There were of course comments that you can’t really take seriously: “Yuck. That seems like a parody of over-engineering.” And if someone dares to criticize anything American there is always this: “could be some anti-American bias there.” … Continue reading State of the Art Bikeway Design – A further look