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Welcome to this blog about cycling in the Netherlands. The utility type of cycling to get from A to B. This blog is not about cycling as a sport, nor to be green, but about the every day type of cycling on sit-up bicycles. My name is Mark Wagenbuur and I am one of the many Dutch who cycle almost every day. I have well over 40 years of experience in cycling in the Netherlands. From an early age I have closely followed the planning and development of infrastructure in this country. For a short while in the past, I have also lived and cycled in Berlin. At present, I am cycling almost every day in the Dutch cities of ’s-Hertogenbosch and Utrecht, where I live and work respectively. I enjoy showing the world Dutch cycling and Dutch cycling infrastructure in my videos and blog posts.

In January 2009 I started publishing videos about cycling in the Netherlands on YouTube. These videos were soon picked up by a range of blogs and sometimes used in other people’s blog posts as an illustration of Dutch cycling. From early 2011 I started to write my own blog posts to go with my own videos. I now usually publish one post and video every week.

Please do not contact me with requests for interviews etc. Unfortunately I really cannot answer such requests, because of time reasons. My blog posts and videos should speak for themselves. Thanks.

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BicycleDutch My YouTube channel is called “Cycling in the Netherlands”.

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  1. Kurt G (in the UK)
    30 March 2015

    What a fantastic website and resource for all that is dutch and cycling! Clearly explained information, demonstrations of infrastructure in the Netherlands, and excellent clear videos of real life cycling, are what you have provided the global cycling community Mark, and all presented very well.

    Your website is an invaluable reference for real life everyday cycling in the worlds leading cycling nation, and acts as an ecofriendly inspiration to us all.

    While some website only provide a limited amount of information, I love the fact that you have covered almost every situation, time of day, month of the year, weather condition and urban facility, that there could be to demonstrate!

    May you long continue to post interesting news about dutch freewheeling and dutch inovations!

    Kurt G
    (Bristol UK)

  2. Luis Patricio
    9 January 2015

    First of all, congratulation for the good work.

    Your posts are so interesting that I’d like to know if I could translate some of them to portuguese and post them on my blog. Of course I will always put the reference for the original post.

    I live in Curitiba Brazil and the blog is:

    thank you very much

  3. Freeman
    4 May 2014

    Hi mark,

    You have done a very good job, especially for a cycling community a round the world.

    Best regards from malaysia

  4. portoalegredebike
    18 December 2013

    Hi Mark ! My name is Gilson Wingist, and I Live in Brazil, in Porto Alegre City, and I also cycle almost everyday. But, I posting here for another reason.

    In the next FIFA World CUP, that will be in Brazil, the Netherlands Soccer Team will play in the city that I live. And we expect that many people of Netherlands came to visit our city.

    But, here in Porto Alegre, the bikers are living a hard time. We have only, 22 km of bike lanes in a city with more then 2000 km of streets. And all bike lanes are very bad (I have pictures, but I don’t know how to send to you).

    And, after many years of fight with the autorithies, In 2006, we conquer a law to ensure that 20% of the money of traffic fines goes to new bike lanes.

    But, only in the words of politicians. This money never was used to build new bike lanes. We begs to the justice, and the judge sad “The city hall must use the money to build bike lanes”. But, nothing happens again.

    And its worst: Now the city hall want to CANCEL this law, because they don’t want to build the bike lanes (and follow the law).

    So, cyclists and friends of the Netherlands, please help us to spread the word. You will came to visit us, and is a shame for us don’t have bike lanes to welcome you.

    Thank you, and please forgive any errors in my english.

  5. JW
    5 November 2013
    • JW
      5 November 2013

      Sorry, I ment the Glow in the dark-fietspad item.

  6. Phil
    4 November 2013


    i lived in Sittard for 5 month in the last winter. When you are in Germany as cyclist, you have the right to ride on the street and different studys show, that that’s saver then the bike lines in Germany, if there are some. When i traveled around in Germany, the dutch car driver were much worster then the german car driver, because they gave me as cyclist no security space when overtaken me. Normally they have to keep at least 1,5 meters between, but 0,5 to 0,2 meters were normal for the dutch drivers. But where did this come from?

  7. D. Martijn Oostra
    1 October 2013

    “[…] Recently [March, 2012] Streetfilms joined a group of city leaders from Chicago, Washington, DC and Miami on a study tour of the Netherlands, through the Bikes Belong Foundation’s Bicycling Design Best Practices Program. The program shows American transportation professionals and policy makers real life examples of what it looks like to invest in cost-effective bicycle facilities. […]” (‘From the Netherlands to America: Translating the World’s Best Bikeway Designs’: )

  8. D. Martijn Oostra
    1 October 2013

    ‘bike lanes by Casey Neistat’:

  9. Neil Hrushowy
    10 September 2013

    Loved your film about intersection design and how to protect cyclists from right-turning vehicles. Do you have any photos of intersections where this has been applied that I can share with our local city bike lane designers? Thanks!

  10. Alison
    10 June 2013


    I am in Den Bosch for 2 months and looking for advice on where to buy a cheap basic city bicycle, ideally somewhere I could re-sell it to once I leave. Ideas? Advice?

    • bicycledutch
      11 June 2013

      Any bicycle shop sells second-hand bicycles in the Netherlands. The same usually goes for the bike parking facilities at Central Stations. And they sell and buy, so that would seem just what you need.

  11. Howdy, Mr. Mark Wagenbuur,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your fantastic website. It’s one of my favorite websites to visit, every time I visit my RSS reader I always check to see if their is an update from your blog first.

    I stumbled on your blog a few years ago after I became frustrated by the lack of standards and examples of good cycling infrastructure in the US. I thought, “there must be a better way to build cycling infrastructure that doesn’t require a massive upheaval on how we do transportation in this country.” I then found your blog and I immediately become encouraged and blown away. I literally locked myself away in my room for a week and read every post on your blog from beginning to end and started taking notes. The Dutch example is so subtle in someways, yet so brilliant, bold, and revolutionary.

    The way you present yourself so humbly yet confidently is such an encouragement to me. Instead of bashing people over the head with your knowledge you humbly reason with people and give incredible examples of the benefits of high quality cycling infrastructure. That’s refreshing to see in a world where “either you agree with me or you’re an idiot” rules the day in arguing your point. Even when people challenge you, you graciously reason with them passionately. You have no idea how much this means to me. Anyone can smack someone down in a heated debate, it takes real passion to calmly reason with even the most berserk opponent.

    So anyways, thanks so much for everything you do to help those of us outside of the Netherlands reason, argue, fund, and build effective cycling infrastructures in our communities. Thanks so much for your work.

  12. mrolarik
    16 April 2013

    good to know your page. I like it

  13. Koen
    12 March 2013

    I like the new layout. Compliments, Mark!

  14. mrluzeiro
    31 January 2013

    Hi, very nice information.
    I’m planning cycle every day to my office work thats about 20 minutes.
    What do you think do think doing it every day?
    In the winter should I use special cloths protection?

  15. Maciek
    11 January 2013


    Congratulations on your blog! I hope that one day we’ll have a similar cycling infrastructure in Poland…
    Could you make a post or just a video about the coexistence of the cyclists and the pedestrians in Netherlands? I’d like to see how they share space along bus or tram stops, in the junction areas etc.

    Best wishes for the new year!

  16. Corey
    7 November 2012

    Amazing blog and videos, thanks very much. Please come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America’s northernmost major city, to try urban winter biking and to explain to our city planners how bike lanes should work!

  17. Koen van Waes
    26 October 2012

    Mark, compliments on your blog! We are proud, as the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch, to have you as our cycling ambassador.
    I was in Melbourne last week as a keynote speaker on the Bike Futures Conference 2012. I used a few of your films on my presentation. I also referred to your blog. Thanx!

  18. Jim Moore
    30 August 2012

    Hello Mark,

    On one of your films you showed numerous streets along with the volume of daily cyclists that travelled along each one. Would you be able to provide a link to the official website/s where these cycling volumes are maintained? I’ve tried to find this info however it’s a bit difficult due to the language difference. I understand that each city keeps records of this information and I’m particularly interested in Amsterdam’s and the Overtoom.

    My other query is whether there is a way to donate financially to your blog. David Hembrow has this facility on his blog.

    Kind Regards,
    Jim Moore

    • bicycledutch
      20 October 2012

      Hi Jim, that information is very hard to come by. Yes there are regular counts but the results are only very rarely published. There is no legal obligation for Dutch municipalities to do that. I do sometimes find figures like that when a city updates their policies or something like that but even I have to be lucky in finding that information.

      There is -now- a way to donate financially to my blog. I’ve created a paypal option for that in the right column of the site right below the search box.

  19. Gaizka Elordi
    17 August 2012


    I just wanted to ask where did you get the camera for the helmet from. I am looking to buy one and record The Jungle that London City is. Thank you.


    • bicycledutch
      17 August 2012

      You seem to think I wear a helmet and a helmetcam on top of that. I have neither sorry! I hold the camera in my hand, a simple photo/video camera. Good luck on your hunt.

  20. Jeff Shone
    10 June 2012

    I am so happy you made this blog and all the information you have made public. Thank you.
    I am very jealous of the Netherlands, it is no wonder the Dutch are the happiest nation in the world! I am trying to get my wife to move with me! :-)

  21. EcoHustler (@EcoHustler)
    27 April 2012

    This is a fantastic site! I have added your video here:

    Best wishes,


  22. Сашко Чубко
    3 April 2012

    historical photos and videos are great! thanks from Ukraine.

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  24. Kevin Champagne
    8 March 2012

    I have enjoyed A View from the Cycle Path for a while and was disappointed to find out it is no more. I really have learned a lot from it and your videos. I think the knowledge that everyone gains will help make the world a better place for cycling and a healthier world as well. The Dutch have always led the way with cycling, and when I look at all the snow we have here right now I sure wish I could be in your country right now.

    • bicycledutch
      8 March 2012

      Thanks for your comment. A view from the cycle path was only inaccessible for a while, it is back open again. So I updated this text and also made a link. You can continue to enjoy that blog!

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