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See how the Dutch cycle Ordinary people cycling In rush hour In the rain In the snow In the dark View from the saddle What makes all this cycling possible: Infrastructure Ordinary cycle infrastructure Cycle lanes Cycle paths/tracks Cycle streets Cycle super highways Floating bus stops Long distance cycle paths Main Cycle Routes Separation (not necessarily with separated cycle infrastructure) Service streets Transitions Width of cycling infrastructure At grade junctions Junction design Left turns Right turn on red Roundabouts Grade-separated crossings Grade-separated roundabouts Overpasses Underpasses Exceptional infrastructure Grade-separated roundabouts Big bicycle bridges Other infrastructure Bridges Driveways Ferries Motorways (Freeways) Railway … Continue reading Theme index

First cycle “superhighway” revisited

A man cycles towards a junction. At a steady speed, doesn’t slow down, doesn’t speed up. A large truck comes to a full stand still to let him pass. Cyclists on the cycle path have the right of way after all. The man passes, but the truck cannot drive on just yet. There is another cyclist coming and the long truck could never clear the junction in time. So the truck driver waits, until the junction is clear and no new cyclists approach it. Welcome to the every day reality of cycling in the Netherlands. The above scene is from … Continue reading First cycle “superhighway” revisited