Miffy on her bicycle

It’s not so strange that world famous Miffy would ride a bicycle. True, I haven’t seen any other rabbit on a bike, but Miffy is Dutch! So it goes without saying that she would be able to ride a bike. Even more, she is from Utrecht like I am. Or should I say: her creator is. Dick Bruna is the man behind Miffy, or Nijntje as she is called in Dutch. This is short for Konijntje: little rabbit. I have more in common with the creator of Miffy. We went to the same school in Utrecht, even though we are … Continue reading Miffy on her bicycle

Safe cycling for 8 to 80 year olds

The wide age range of people on bicycles is one of the more striking things for visitors to the Netherlands. Very young children can be seen cycling with their parents on the streets, sometimes even still with stabilisers on their mini-bicycles. Younger children are often passengers. These kids start cycling to school and other destinations unaccompanied at the age of 8 or 9, giving them an independence and freedom which is unparalleled in the world. On the other end of the spectrum the senior citizens keep on cycling to a very high age indeed. Sometimes aided by electric bikes, but … Continue reading Safe cycling for 8 to 80 year olds

Cycling to school

Hundreds of thousands of children cycle to school every morning in the Netherlands. The roads and streets are literally full of cycling children for about one hour. The “cycle highway” from Geldermalsen to Culemborg is one such road. Hundreds of children going to school take the same safe route here. They form spontaneous groups and the closer they get to school the larger the groups become. When the school bell rings and all the children are in class, the cycle highway looks as deserted as it was before the kids went to school. Some things in the video may need … Continue reading Cycling to school