Riding in The Hague

Two weeks ago I showed you a huge junction in The Hague, which was actually only one junction in a much longer route. This week I’d like to show you the rest of the route I cycled in The Hague to visit my uncle in a home for the elderly. It was the first time for me that I went to this place. So, for this unknown ride, I planned a route in the Cyclists’ Union Route planner from The Hague Central Station where I arrived by train from my home town and where I would rent a Public Transport-Bicycle … Continue reading Riding in The Hague

Cycling along the sandy beaches of the North Sea

The North Sea coast in the Netherlands is a beautiful area for recreation, especially for cycling. The entire coastline consists of sandy beaches. Between those beaches and the better known Dutch green landscape we find a line of sand dunes, sometimes several kilometers wide. Together the dunes and sandy beaches form a landscape that is unlike any other in the Netherlands. Most of the area is only accessible on foot or by bicycle. The dunes form a barrier to the sea and protect the land behind it that is often a lot lower than sea level. The first barrier dunes … Continue reading Cycling along the sandy beaches of the North Sea

The importance of direct cycle routes

One of my readers drew our attention to a video that shows a cycle route in Rijswijk which is in effect a suburb of The Hague. It shows a road where cyclists have to make a detour while motorised traffic can go straight on. The man in the video calls this a daily annoyance. And he is right. Most cycle routes in this country are as direct or (more often) more direct than routes for motorised traffic. In this case (see picture below) the green line (about 100 meters/yards) would be the logical route. There is ample room for a … Continue reading The importance of direct cycle routes