Bicycle Parking policies Zaanstad ridiculed

The enforcement of the bicycle parking restrictions in Zaandam was ridiculed on national TV this week. Zaanstad municipality issued a parking restriction of 4 hours for a street in the centre of Zaandam, the largest city in the municipality. The street is near the railway station and the city claims the bike parking space is filled with the bicycles of commuters who refuse to use the facilities at the station. But how do you check which bikes are from commuters and which belong to shoppers with every right to park their bicycles? For that the city uses the tried and … Continue reading Bicycle Parking policies Zaanstad ridiculed

Utrecht removes illegaly parked bicycles

Parking restrictions for bicycles are not to be taken lightly in the Netherlands. Utrecht has recently removed hundreds of bicycles just from the station area alone. And that is done regularly. Utrecht is no exception; all over the Netherlands municipalities enforce the bicycle parking restrictions. In an earlier blog post I explained why these policies exist: more people want to park their bicycles than there are places in the racks. To make sure these scarce parking spaces are available, the phenomenon of the “abandoned bicycles” (that are left in the racks) has to be fought. In cities with many students … Continue reading Utrecht removes illegaly parked bicycles

Bicycle parking restrictions in the Netherlands

With a bike share of transportation that is unique in the world come “problems” that are equally unique. At least some municipalities in the Netherlands see a problem in the high number of ‘illegally’ parked bicycles around popular destinations in their towns and cities. Two weeks ago Amsterdam announced the start of a campaign with a stricter enforcement of bicycle parking restrictions around Leidseplein. To “tidy up” this central square that has a number of theaters and a very high number of bars and restaurants. According to the city they all support the campaign. In principle, parking your bicycle on … Continue reading Bicycle parking restrictions in the Netherlands