Traffic safety must be celebrated

Utrecht suddenly has little red men sitting on the traffic lights. They hold signs with texts like “red alert!”  or  “follow the red lights!” and a QR-code and the name of a website ““. When you go to that site you see a video that starts with the texts “Somewhere on a junction in the Netherlands…, where traffic meets, your patience could be rewarded.” It’s Red Man The final caption in the video says: “Traffic safety must be celebrated!“. The site gives only little information:  “Hurray 10 years TeamAlert! Traffic safety must be celebrated! And today just a little bit … Continue reading Traffic safety must be celebrated

The Moped Menace in the Netherlands

More than half of Amsterdam’s over 25,000 so-called ‘light’ moped riders admits they ‘almost always’ ride too fast. That was the news of this week. But it wasn’t really news. The Cyclists’ Union had already published a report last November 2012 that showed that 94% of the ‘light’ mopeds speeds. Some up to 60km/h where 25km/h is permitted. More than double the maximum speed! The average speed is 37km/h, that is 50% above the speed limit, yes, on average! The number of ‘light’ mopeds in Amsterdam grew at an astonishing rate, from 8,125 in 2007 to over 25,000 in 2012. The … Continue reading The Moped Menace in the Netherlands

Who else benefits from the Dutch cycling infrastructure

Every now and then one of my videos shows someone in a mobility scooter using the cycle paths. This is usually completely by chance and to most Dutch this is nothing special. People with disabilities can and do use all types of vehicles, from mobility scooters to hand-operated tricycles, legally on the cycle paths. It gets them from A to B safely without being dependent on someone helping them. In other words; the cycle paths offer people with disabilities a great freedom to travel where they wish. The laws in Europe for what are old-fashionedly called ‘Invalid Carriages’ vary a … Continue reading Who else benefits from the Dutch cycling infrastructure