My blog in 2012

As the year 2012 comes to an end people look back to see what happened this year. To somehow frame what you cannot frame we see lists appear everywhere. So why don’t I join in the fun and make some lists of my own. The top 10 of most viewed posts in 2012: 1. Spectacular New Floating Cycle Roundabout a post about a rather unusual piece of cycle infrastructure in Eindhoven 2. Road signs for cycling in the Netherlands apparently people needed a guide to the typical Dutch road signs for cycling. 3. Trouble in paradise? no, cycling in the … Continue reading My blog in 2012

Three little things

“Long Live Amsterdam” The Amsterdam based newspaper ‘Het Parool’ has a small corner for short letters. Limited to 69 words, people are encouraged to share something with the readers. This little gem was published on 22nd October last. I simply have to share it with you here too. Due to the word limit the Dutch version is also a bit ‘telegraphese’. Arrived by car from The Hague Thursday. Parked in Marnixstraat garage. Walked to Herengracht for book promotion. Slightly disorientated, asked young man, waiting at corner with bicycle, for directions. Would be quite a walk, but if I wasn’t afraid … Continue reading Three little things

Barbie as a role model

Some days ago I waited for a traffic light in the center of Utrecht and suddenly looked into the eyes of a Barbie doll sitting on top of the light. She held one arm out and a sign below her said ‘Which way are you going?’ I should have understood the doll meant that quite literally but I thought she wanted me to think about my life… Other people saw her too. No wonder. She and 9 other dolls were sitting on traffic lights around the busiest junction of Utrecht. Over 22,000 cyclists can have seen her there. Every day! … Continue reading Barbie as a role model