Bicycle parking restrictions in the Netherlands

With a bike share of transportation that is unique in the world come “problems” that are equally unique. At least some municipalities in the Netherlands see a problem in the high number of ‘illegally’ parked bicycles around popular destinations in their towns and cities. Two weeks ago Amsterdam announced the start of a campaign with a stricter enforcement of bicycle parking restrictions around Leidseplein. To “tidy up” this central square that has a number of theaters and a very high number of bars and restaurants. According to the city they all support the campaign. In principle, parking your bicycle on … Continue reading Bicycle parking restrictions in the Netherlands

Cycle Route Tilburg – Oisterwijk

In my series of longer fast cycle routes in the Netherlands I take you to one of the oldest ones this time. This route from the city of Tilburg to the nearby town of Oisterwijk was first built in 1977. It is an 8 kilometer long route with mostly priority for cyclists. Nowadays it is one of many longer distance high quality intercity cycle routes in the Netherlands. When it was first constructed it was known as TOF (Tilburg – Oisterwijk – Fietsroute) the word ‘tof’ in Dutch means ‘terrific’ and that was of course no coincidence. Although the 2004 Breda – Etten-Leur route is acknowledged as … Continue reading Cycle Route Tilburg – Oisterwijk