Love Britain, go Dutch… in 1935

It can sometimes be incredibly enlightening to look into the past. The following is from a 77 year old Dutch newspaper article. If you look past the old-fashioned language and paragraph-long sentences, the message in this article is strangely up-to-date. With the ongoing “Love London, Go Dutch” campaign, it could almost have been written yesterday. It is interesting to know that neither the Netherlands nor Britain have changed their way of thinking about traffic in 77 years. I leave it up to you to decide what that might mean for the future of cycling in the United Kingdom. The translation … Continue reading Love Britain, go Dutch… in 1935

Seeing how the neighbours do it

Last Monday I had a few hours to spare while in London. The perfect opportunity to go and see all the traffic situations I ‘knew’ from following the blogs about cycling in London. The Northern Line turned out to be perfect to get to many of these sites. Starting at Oval I saw “Cycle Superhighway” number 7 on Clapham Road. Two stations to the North I visited the overwhelming Elephant and Castle gyratory. Again two stations to the North I exited at London Bridge and walked to Bank to see the Thames bridge and some of the huge streets there. … Continue reading Seeing how the neighbours do it