Of US students and a Spanish Award

Monday 16th July 2012 was a very special day for me! Professor Furth of Northeastern University in Boston had invited me to give a presentation to his students, while they were visiting ’s-Hertogenbosch, my hometown, that may after all call itself best cycling city of the Netherlands at the moment. Coincidentally the Asociación Medios de Transporte Saludables AMTS (Association for Sustainable Means of Transport) from Pamplona in Spain, asked me if I would accept their annual award. These two exceptional events both took place on the same day. The city of ’s-Hertogenbosch proved worthy of their latest title ‘Most hospitable … Continue reading Of US students and a Spanish Award

State of the Art Bikeway Design – A further look

See also the 2014 post that sums up Dutch Junction Design Last month I wrote about the new NACTO designs for cycle infrastructure and held the junction design against Dutch junction design. The video that went with the post was taken out of the context of this blog and discussed on forums and other blogs. Without the context some people completely misunderstood it. There were of course comments that you can’t really take seriously: “Yuck. That seems like a parody of over-engineering.” And if someone dares to criticize anything American there is always this: “could be some anti-American bias there.” … Continue reading State of the Art Bikeway Design – A further look