Grade separated roundabout – the safest solution for a junction

In my ongoing series about safer junctions I have covered Dutch junction design and how it differs from that of other countries. I then showed you that the Dutch have now discovered that urban roundabouts are safer than cross roads junctions when they are built to a specific design and give cyclists priority. As stated in that story the first modern roundabout with priority for cyclists was in Enschede and as it turns out Fietsberaad has a file with a lot of background information about this good practice example. So could it be any safer? Yes, multi level solutions (grade … Continue reading Grade separated roundabout – the safest solution for a junction

Houten celebrates cycling

Houten, “Cycling city 2008” in the Netherlands, celebrated the official opening of two railway stations, a work of art and -by opening a giant bicycle wheel lock- the grand bicycle parking facility under the main railway station, with a town wide party on Saturday 16th April 2011. In this video: first the celebrations then a better look at the bike parking facility (There is also a version without the celebrations). The bicycle parking facility for over 3,000 bicycles is located directly under the railway tracks and platforms. The bicycles are not hidden in some dark cellar in a distant corner … Continue reading Houten celebrates cycling