Houten in the rain

Houten is one of the often-chosen destinations when people visit the Netherlands to learn more about cycling in this country. A right choice, Houten is a great little town to experience a cycling friendly environment for yourself. In recent weeks, I came across a lot of tweets about Houten that not only reveal something about the cycling infrastructure and cycling culture there, but also about the culture the visitors come from themselves.

Cycling in Houten in a summer shower.

I also found some footage, that I never used before, picturing what happens when a short summer shower hits the town centre of Houten. In this “no-post” summer holiday week I thought it would be nice to put the two together. Enjoy!

What happens when people cycling in Houten are surprised by a short but heavy summer shower.

6 thoughts on “Houten in the rain

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  2. Always happy to see footage of Houten, makes me smile when I think back of the struggles we had to design the new car free city centre and build the new train station. Thanks Mark for sharing!

  3. Would I live in Houten? Yes but it would not be my first choice. If I had to choose it would be somewhere about 10-15 km from the coast. This way I get a nice 1/2 hour bicycle ride to the beach and back. When you get to the beach you are relaxed and it feels good to lay on a towel. When you get home you have worked up a good appetite!

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