When cyclists matter

In the Netherlands cyclists are not only protected by Dutch law but they also matter in the eyes of the general public. The reaction to a road incident in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (a.k.a. Den Bosch) makes this very clear. Drivers misbehaving and endangering cyclists or pedestrians are considered road-pirates and such behavior is not tolerated.

When Cyclists Matter


One thought on “When cyclists matter

  1. Good penalty. He won’t harm anyone else if he isn’t behind the wheel. Good name for him, a hufter. As strong as asshole is in English apparently. Again, probably the best term for him.

    Even if I did hit someone on a car I’d feel incredibly sorry. If you are genuinely sorry, then I’d forgive you, based on how we are all human. You’d make me very angry if you hit me on a bicycle and didn’t at least genuinely apologize and helped me in the ways I need it in the ways you are able to.

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