A week of national holidays

This is the week of national holidays in the Netherlands. Last Thursday it was King’s Day and later this week, on Friday the 5th May, we celebrate Liberation Day, with Remembrance Day the night before, the 4th of May. On the other hand we work on the 1st of May, that again is not a holiday in this country. This holiday week is also a no-post week. So why don’t we look at an older video celebrating a Dutch national symbol (another one than the bicycle); the tulip. About a year ago, I cycled around Leiden and filmed the tulips that were in full bloom then, as they are now.

Cycling and tulips!

And why don’t I throw in a King’s Day Cycling video as well! This one is from 2015, when the weather was a lot better than this year’s cold King’s Day. It is a video of people cycling to the celebrations. As always the Dutch don’t dress up for cycling, they dress up for the destination. On King’s Day we celebrate in our national colour and that that colour is orange is very visible!

King’s Day Cycling!

2 thoughts on “A week of national holidays

  1. Thank you for the lovely memories. I cycled those very tulip fields almost daily during the spring of 2016. It was heaven!

  2. What a fantastic and healthy lifestyle. You can see that almost all the people there are normal weight. Where I currently live in the US I would say at least 70% of the people are noticeably overweight or obese. Almost no one here rides a bicycle as a form of transportation.

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