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The Netherlands’ Cycling City 2018

Later today, the Netherlands’ Cycling City of 2018 will be announced by Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management on a cycle congress in Utrecht, organised by the Fietsersbond (Cyclists’ Union).

This year I was a member of the jury. The post you were expecting to see here now, will be published as soon as the winner has been made public.

Expected time of publishing: 14:15 CET (13:15 UTC) How much more time that is? See the countdown in the right hand column.

The nominees are: Etten-Leur, Houten, Veenendaal, Winterswijk and Zoetermeer. (In the links what I have previously written about 3 of these 5 nominees. The link for Veenendaal takes you to the blog “As Easy As Riding A Bike” from Mark Treasure.)


The Fietsstad 2018 image. Picture from the Fietsersbond.

Etten-Leur made a promotional video in which the mayor explains why the town is very proud to be one of the nominees (in Dutch).

Promotional video made by the municipality of Etten-Leur.

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