A ride in Leipzig, Germany

In the second week of May 2023, the world’s largest international cycling conference took place in Leipzig, Germany. I will publish about Velo-City 2023 in my next post. Since I have only returned home recently I wasn’t able to write a full post yet, nor make a narrated video. But I do have a first taste of what it is like to cycle in Leipzig. The ride in this post is from the location of the conference to the city centre. This ride was exactly 7.5 km long.

The route in this post was signed with temporary signs, so that the 1,500 delegates attending the conference could find their way through the city a bit easier.
A ride in Leipzig, Germany. The map below shows the route of this video.

Map of the ride. The video starts in the north at the green marker and ends in the city centre at the red marker.

More on the Velo-City 2023 conference in Leipzig in my next post (in two weeks).

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