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Utrecht’s Disappearing Roadways

Streetfilms, created by Clarence Eckerson jr. from New York City, are always a pleasure to watch. For his 960th video, Clarence interviewed yours truly about the huge transformation Utrecht is currently undergoing. I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed; I only planned to show Clarence around. This surprise for me led to a spontaneous video, in which I explain some things about Utrecht that I had already shown you before in a number of blog posts. First Clarence’s video:

As I mentioned in the introduction, the topics discussed had been part of blog posts I published earlier. If you would like to learn more about these subjects you can do so in the following posts and videos.

Croeselaan: From 4-lane road to linear art park

Singel Project: From traffic sewer to city park

Mariaplaats: Reconstruction of St Mary’s Place in Utrecht

Singel Project under construction: Reversing a 50-year-old detour and

Motorway removed to bring back the original water



One comment on “Utrecht’s Disappearing Roadways

  1. clogwog
    22 June 2019

    very cool to see all that back again ! thanks

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